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Jane notices that the letter was dated three years ago. Jane's eleven-year-old first cousin. October Introduction[ edit ] The novel is a first-person narrative from the perspective of the title character. Rochester's rumoured impending marriage to Blanche Ingram.

We had been wandering, indeed, in the leafless shrubbery an hour in the morning; but since dinner Mrs. In this frightening room, Jane thinks she sees her uncle's ghost and begs to be set free. Orphaned as a baby, Jane struggles through her nearly loveless childhood and becomes governess at Thornfield Hall.

It was originally published in three volumes in the 19th century, comprising chapters 1 to 15, 16 to 27, and 28 to Two nights before the wedding, a frightening, dark-haired woman enters her room and rips her wedding veil in two. Jane's fourteen-year-old cousin who bullies her incessantly, sometimes in his mother's presence.

The school's damp conditions, combined with the girls' near-starvation diet, produces a typhus epidemic, in which nearly half the students die, including Helen Burns, who dies in Jane's arms.

Jane returns to Gateshead and remains there for a month, attending to her dying aunt. John begins to weaken, she mystically hears Mr. Jane returns to Thornfield, only to find the house a blackened ruin. Miss Temple marries, and Lowood seems different without her. At Lowood, while another pupil, Helen Burns, is being beaten, Jane accidentally drops her slate.

Financially poor but intellectually curious, the sisters are deeply engrossed in reading the evening Jane appears at their door. Brocklehurst about Jane's tendency to lie, preparing him to be severe with Jane when she arrives at Brocklehurst's Lowood School. It is several years after her parents died of typhus.

He informs her of Mrs. Jane immediately decides to share her inheritance equally with her three newfound relatives. Once they were married, he discovered that she was rapidly descending into madness and was forced to lock her away in Thornfield; she was the one responsible for the strange happenings in the house.

Refusing to act against her principles, and despite her enduring love for Rochester, Jane leaves Thornfield in the middle of the night. Folds of scarlet drapery shut in my view to the right hand; to the left were the clear panes of glass, protecting, but not separating me from the drear November day.

But Jane wonders if this is true. Jane soon becomes close friends with St. John Eyre, is a friend of Mr.

Rochester proposes again, and they are married. On the moor, Jane suddenly hears Rochester's voice calling her name. Jane races down to his room, discovering his curtains and bed are on fire. She receives only one reply, from a Mrs. The presence of Orson Welles in the cast he receives top billingcoupled with the dark, Germanic style of the direction and photography, has led some impressionable cineasts to conclude that Welles, and not Stevenson, was the director.

Reed tells him that Jane is a deceitful child and is not to be trusted. Rochester retreats after the fire at Thornfield: The 80 pupils at Lowood are subjected to cold rooms, poor meals, and thin clothing.

He is the brother of Rochester's first wife, the insane woman in the attic, and still cares for his sister's well-being.

Jane is miserable during his absence and realizes she is falling in love with him. In the middle of this charade, Jane reveals Jane eyer love for him, and the two end up engaged. John tries to coerce her into the marriage, and has almost succeeded, when, one night Jane suddenly hears Rochester's disembodied voice calling out to her.

The nursemaid Bessie proves to be Jane's only ally in the household, even though Bessie sometimes scolds Jane, rather harshly. John and his sisters, suggesting that they live together at Moor House; they agree to the offer. Excluded from the family activities, Jane leads a very unhappy childhood, with only a doll and books with which to entertain herself.

John's sisters, Diana and Mary, and he offers Jane a humble job as the schoolmistress for the poor girls in his parish at Morton.From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Jane Eyre Study Guide has everything you.

I love Jane Eyre, but during "Chaptee 1", Jane's relatives are either the Eeeds, the Keeds, or even the Beeds, but rarely the Reeds. Find another version!

Jane Eyre Book Review

Anonymous: More than 1 year ago: I adore this book. Read it for the first time at age ten. Several times since/5().

Jane Eyre is a British romantic drama film directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. The screenplay is written by Moira Buffini based on Charlotte Bront. Fiery love, shocking twists of fate, and tragic mysteries put a lonely governess in jeopardy in JANE EYRE.

Orphaned as a child, Jane has felt an outcast her whole young life/5. Jane Eyre has always been my favorite story, and this was the only version I had not seen yet. Without intending to, I saved the best for last. Not only did this production stay true to the vision of the novel, but the performers portrayed the characters' passion as it was always meant to truly be.

Jane Eyre is a typical coming-of-age novel in that its main character, Jane, is young, brave, and resourceful in the face of difficulty and even danger.

As a result, she is easy for readers to sympathize with.

Jane eyer
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